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  • Holding Yourself Accountable: Its lonely at the top, and nobody will tell you where the bear shits in the woods. I will.
  • Knowing What To Measure: You get more of that which you measure, the question is, are you measuring the right stuff?
  • Profit: Are you buying the excuses for the bottom line being red? Are you getting a sufficient return?
  • ​Is It Good Enough?: How do you compare to other companies in our industry?
My name is Armando.

I have been in the security industry for roughly 20 years, and in that time I have run the gamut. I have been in sales, technical roles, accounting roles, management and even a consultant. I have been a key part of high growth Inc. 500 companies, startups, and have turned around failing companies. I know what its like to start with a dream that turns into a nightmare, and I know what it takes to be successful in the security industry.

My entire career I have sought out mentors and people much smarter than me to guide me in building my businesses. I have had friends tell me its time to quit, I have pulled myself up by my bootstraps and rebuilt from scratch, and I have had the pleasure of working with multi-billion (with a B) dollar enterprises to build my little corner of the security industry. Its time for me to give back. 

I have learned that the security industry is hugely profitable, but only if you don't let it eat you alive. All too often we are found making excuses for profitability

"We're Growing too fast to be profitable"
"That project was a learning project"
"I'm too busy to look at the numbers"
"My employees don't know what they are doing"

If any of these sound familiar, I invite you to join me at Security Owner's Group, we help owners build profitable security businesses so they can build a better company, life and world.

Are you tired of....
  • Growth At All Cost: Growth is no excuse to suffer losses. If you're not profitable now, you still wont be profitable at twice that. Despite what they say on Shark Tank. 
  • Playing Darts With Your Future: Your business can be your largest asset or your worst liability. Stop throwing darts and hoping you hit the bullseye. Learn how to engineer your business to succeed. 
  • Paying Yourself Last: You take the risk, so you should get the reward, I can teach you how to ensure profitability so you don't have to go home without a paycheck again.
  • ​Feast or Famine: Consistency is king, Build a consistent business that generates a profit each and every month. On Purpose!
Been There, Done That...
Hear about Armando's experience at the brink of losing his business and how getting back to basics, knowing the financials like the back of his hand and implementing a culture of accountability resulted in a highly performing security company that meets its goals and does what it does better than the competition. Secret financials is the starting point for that transformation.
Every Quarter I put together groups of non-competing integrators. They submit anonymous versions of their financials and we review those numbers. I give feedback and create targets while showing the whole group, but you are the only one who knows which ones are your numbers.

We go over key metrics that you likely aren't using yet and show you how to measure and implement those metrics, including resources and documents to help hold yourself accountable to performance, and profit improvement.

Each Quarterly event will result in specific target metrics for your business which will lead to improved profitability, effectiveness and performance. For the following two months you will also get a one on one call with Armando to review your targets and performance, and implement additional tangible improvements.
LinkedIn Lead Generation
We have partnered with a LinkedIn lead generation company to provide automation for relevant leads and contacts within the LinkedIn platform. Using our setup service you can optimize your profile and create up to 4 automated sequences to generate more leads and authority on LinkedIn leading to more connections and sales appointments.
Owner's community
We have an owner's community. This is a private facebook group that has access to all of our online training and documents. Everything from financial templates to HR documents to help you solve problems and make your business run more smoothly and profitably. This goes beyond our normal facebook group to include a private area where you can share private info without the fear of a competitor seeing it as each community is carefully selected to ensure there are no geographically competing businesses.
Mastermind group
The SOG Mastermind group is a security industry specific mastermind group that is by application only. We have specific requirements to ensure that all members have much to gain and give, providing a wide range of viewpoints and problem solving brain-power to our members. Once per quarter we gather in person to push through and improve everyone's business, while a monthly virtual meeting keeps everyone pushing during the in-between times.
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Extremely Limited Time Offer
This Is Your Chance To Claim The Best Deal Of The Year
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