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Thanks for selecting our SECRET FINANCIALS Quarterly Review. I am CERTAIN you will see positive results and more profitability after going through this and identifying the low hanging fruit, then implementing fixes for improved profitability.
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ONE TIME OFFER: Add 2x 1-hour monthly one on one followup sessions with Armando for the rest of the current quarter. ($99)This will ensure you are continuing on the path to profitability, fixing the concerns we found and have access to other fixes along the way. This is how you train yourself to accept nothing but the highest levels of performance!

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Eventually, I'll put your testimonial here about how awesome this program is, at that point, the price will go up. Act now, so you can see for yourself.
Remember, I only allow one integrator from each region, so it you or your competitor! I wouldn't want my direct competitor having this advantage, which is why I don't offer this in the area that my security company serves! 
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"Armando knows what he is doing. The way he tackled the challenges in his many years of being in this business has led to a company that outperforms his industry in every facet, from profitability to service and customer satisfaction I have been very impressed with his ability to identify problems and hone in on simple, effective permanent fixes."
M. Shoppe, Consultant
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