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If you are looking for an immersive mastermind experience, I invite you to apply for my annual mastermind group.  Each group is limited to 10 people maximum. 

I will be the facilitator of the groups. We will meet 4 times per year. There is a forum for the group to support each other and accountability calls to keep us moving forward.

If you are interested in joining please apply below. We’ll open registration in November 2022 for the 2023 group.


  • Gain Insight: What are other companies doing to grow and improve?
  • Gain Accountability: Your peers (and I) will hold you accountable to making REAL progress
  • ​Build Your RMR Machine: Learn the tools to build real reliable growth
  • HELP!: Build real relationships in our industry by helping others with your experience.

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Mastermind events are the single best way to get unfiltered advice from other owners. The TRUTH about what worked for them and what didnt. These types of events can shave YEARS off of your growth and help avoid costly mistakes by leaning on the experience of others. Armando will facilitate the discussions and provide accountability to members on weekly action steps.
Mastermind Groups have been my secret sauce for many years. 
For years I have been in Mastermind Groups and recommend them to any and all small business owners as critical to the development of their business.
-Mike Michalowicz

See Mikes Views on Mastermind Groups Here:
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"Armando knows what he is doing. The way he tackled the challenges in his many years of being in this business has led to a company that outperforms his industry in every facet, from profitability to service and customer satisfaction. I have been very impressed with his ability to identify problems and hone in on simple, effective permanent fixes."
M. Shoppe, Consultant
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